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Apple "Reflecting a strong 2008 in which its sales - if not its stock price - jumped sharply, Apple this week made its first appearance in the top 100 of the Fortune 500 since Steve Jobs' return. Apple became a Fortune 500 company in 1983, but it fell off Fortune magazine's list of America's 500 largest companies (ranked by revenue) in 1995, while Jobs was running NeXT. Apple climbed back onto the list in 2005, eight years after Jobs' return. It vaulted an impressive 32 spots this year to land at No. 71, thanks in part to the declining fortunes of some of the firms that were above it, but mostly to revenues that grew 35.3% to $32.479 billion in 2008."
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RE[2]: congrats
by Quake on Tue 21st Apr 2009 22:28 UTC in reply to "RE: congrats"
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But it is closed source company !

So... they need to be open source in order to succeed?
Only geeks like us care about that.

But for the Average joes, they only care about if stuff works like they should. So if it runs great and features a good design, they'll buy it.

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