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Oracle and SUN Instant-On is an attractive to have for any system, but most commercial OSs haven't been able to accomplish this. Users are generally left waiting the few minutes to boot, and for some people in a hurry, that's simply not good enough. The aptly named program known as Presto is available for $19.95, and is installable on most any Windows computers. It installs a Xandros-based partition and boots up quite instantly. "Presto allows on-the-fly computing to check email, browse the web, chat with friends, make Skype calls, create documents, download media, apps and games, or enjoy music, videos, and movies stored in a user’s Windows folders." I'd say that's worth $20, and they're also offering to work with OEMs to get it on new computers on a mass scale.
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RE: Sleep/Hibernate
by Wondercool on Wed 22nd Apr 2009 07:49 UTC in reply to "Sleep/Hibernate"
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Putting your computer in sleep mode consumes far more energy than switching it off as it has to keep memory state.

I never understood what the problem is with getting a coffee when you boot. It does not make sense to always leave your computer on to save 15 seconds.

Money savings are considerable for a medium to large office over a year...

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