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Hardware, Embedded Systems In the current economic climate, it's hard to make any sane predictions one way or the other. While we receive continuous reports that netbooks are the saving grace of the PC market, the light at the end of the tunnel, the beacon of hope, the Fiona Apple among the rest of the mediocre musician crowd, the, err, (okay I'm out of metaphors), we are now getting a report which states that during the first quarter of 2009, netbooks have not met their sales estimates.
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Sure the market becomes saturated
by NexusCrawler on Wed 22nd Apr 2009 12:22 UTC
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Of course there is still people without netbook who may buy one. But most of the potential buyers already bought one.

And, excepted for geeks (and maybe for the most spender, or netbook "fashion victims"), people do not buy another device right away.

Unless their current device breaks. But most netbooks seems to be quite resilient :-) Mine's, at least, supported orange juice with no problem!

Or unless they feel the current device is obsolete. Most owners of the EeePC 701, with the small 800x480 screen, would happilly buy some 1024x600 device. But excepted for the 701 and this low-res screen, most netbooks are really fine and there is no really need to upgrade. Even the 701, actually, is still very handy, the 800x480 display is just not convenient.

Furthermore, I think that most people that would upgrade their netbook would donate or sell their previous netbook to somebody else, so it wouldn't help the saturation of the market.

There really is only the geeks to buy and own several netbooks...

About broken netbooks: if the device breaks during the warranty, it's well possible that there is no need to buy another device. And Asus netbooks have a two-year warranty... (in Europe at least) While the netbook market is barely 1 year and half old, depending on where you live. The market is only 1 year old if you don't cound the 701 and only takes into account the 9 and 10 inches devices -- which is where the market really took off.

No, really, I'm not surprised that in only one year the market is already saturated.

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