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Graphics, User Interfaces I's time for another "OSNews Asks", a blatant rip-off of just about every other website in existence. Anyway, today we want to focus on multitouch. The technology behind it has existed for a long time, but only recently have companies like Apple (iPhone, trackpads) and Microsoft (Surface, Windows 7) begun promoting it. We have a question for you, about multitouch in desktops and laptops.
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It's going to be a (Multi)Touchbook
by Jenne on Thu 23rd Apr 2009 09:37 UTC
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Here's my concept of a future "Touchbook".

For myself I very much dislike to touch the screen in front of me because it's not very ergonomic. But replacing the hardware keyboard with a virtual one and adding some Multitouch might be very handy...

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