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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Canonical has announced the final release of Ubuntu 9.04; also announced were the releases of Ubuntu 9.04 Server Edition and Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook Remix, but of course also Kubuntu 9.04, and Xubuntu 9.04.
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I like the new notifications, I like how they cleaned up the startup and shutdown sequence so it doesn't print lots of junk and I like how it boots faster. The new Dust theme looks completely awesome, I wish they would make it the default theme (even though I understand that some people might prefer more "normal" looking windows).

I guess versions upgrades like OpenOffice 3.0 is nice but I don't use that very often anyway.

I don't like the new intel driver though, it's slower than intrepid when running in the default EXA mode and it also feels more buggy (at least on my 965 laptop). I will upgrade to karmic as soon as intel 2.7 and the new libdrm gets uploaded. I also don't like the old Eclipse version, but it looks like they might update that for karmic at least which is nice (I sure hope so).

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