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Legal The verdict in the Pirate Bay trial surprised many people, seeing as how many errors the entertainment industry's lawyers had made, and how little understanding they seemed to have of how BitTorrent works. The height of the sentence also surprised many; for aiding in sharing just 33 copyrighted items, the four founders were sentenced to one year in jail, and a massive fine of 3.6 million USD. Well, as it turns out, we now know why we were all relatively surprised: the judge in the case, Thomas Norstrom, is member of the same pro-copyright groups as many of the people representing the entertainment industry in the case.
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RE[3]: Comment by Jason Bourne
by WereCatf on Thu 23rd Apr 2009 21:17 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Jason Bourne"
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You could automate it so that Hollywood emails you and says please remove Chronicles of Narnia, and then TPB could filter results with the word Narnia in them.

That wouldn't work. The files can be named anything, it doesn't have to have any of those words in it. And filtering all content that has the word "Narnia" in it would also filter out legitimate content. A better example would be e-books (I am a heavy consumer of free e-books myself): there's a huge variety of totally free books and if you f.ex. started filtering out all content with the words "3D Studio Max" in them you'd also filter out a whole lot of interesting, free and high-quality tutorials and longer books about the subject.

So, my point stands: you cannot automatically filter it all because either you'll filter way too much or way too little.

As for TPB: I don't like their attitude, I've never used their website nor do I have any interest either. I still don't think they should go to jail for providing such a search engine if they themselves don't spread/host illegal material. I use for my needs, usually for those free e-books or the occasional Linux distro image.

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