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Legal The verdict in the Pirate Bay trial surprised many people, seeing as how many errors the entertainment industry's lawyers had made, and how little understanding they seemed to have of how BitTorrent works. The height of the sentence also surprised many; for aiding in sharing just 33 copyrighted items, the four founders were sentenced to one year in jail, and a massive fine of 3.6 million USD. Well, as it turns out, we now know why we were all relatively surprised: the judge in the case, Thomas Norstrom, is member of the same pro-copyright groups as many of the people representing the entertainment industry in the case.
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I think we can both agree that the definition of actually hosting and having a cache are quite different.

Care to elaborate what is the difference?

When you have a cache of something you are hosting copies of the files on your servers and providing users with those. If the files in your cache happen to be illegal then you are hosting illegal files.

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