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Apple During the conference call yesterday about Apple's financial results, COO Tim Cook reiterated Apple's negative stance towards the netbook market. While many of us might want to see a relatively cheap Apple netbook with Mac OS X, all the recent figures do seem to confirm that it simply isn't a good idea for Apple.
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Apple's missing the point ...
by GenBlood on Fri 24th Apr 2009 01:55 UTC
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Netbooks are selling good right now, due to
they are small and cheap. Asus 1000HE and
Dell mini 9 have a big following. I have 2
laptops , 1 Asus netbook and 5 desktop PCs.
A little over kill,but it's what I do for a

So bottom line is, I would take my netbook
on trips for email, messaging and docs.
I prefer using a netbook because it's small
and if I damaged it or lost it. I wouldn't
be to heart broken over it. Damaging a $2500
laptop on trip sucks, but if I had to pick
between a damaged $2500 laptop or a $400 ...
The $400 netbook "WINS" ..

As far as I'm concerned, netbooks are only
used when I can't seat in front on my main
system at home.

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