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Apple During the conference call yesterday about Apple's financial results, COO Tim Cook reiterated Apple's negative stance towards the netbook market. While many of us might want to see a relatively cheap Apple netbook with Mac OS X, all the recent figures do seem to confirm that it simply isn't a good idea for Apple.
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Why Apple is Afraid
by Theophilos on Fri 24th Apr 2009 07:04 UTC
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Here come netbook manufacturers. Here are the pros:
* They are "cute"
* The 10" resolutions are decent
* The newest models have nearly full-sized keyboards
* Insanely long battery lives
* Sub-$400 (I picked up a 1000HE for $320).
* Great for web, music, and movies

Here are the cons:
* No optical
* Small screen

Let's ignore the first one, because who cares? Web and flash drives will handle most situations for most people. USB drives will suffice for everyone else. It's not a big deal.

The second one only matters to old people. Young people don't mind small screens. We're used to it. We grew up on cellphones. (By the way, that's also why we've stopped wearing wrist watches. Simple test: if you have a watch, you're probably old)

So all this adds up to a simple conclusion: Nebooks are the perfect computer ... for the young hipster.

See, the real reason for all the nay-saying is that Apple is afraid that netbooks are going to eat their lunch. They appeal to one of Apple's core market (media professionals are the other, but I'm not sure which is bigger).

Now, Apple, I'm sure, could make a computer sexier than all the other netbooks put together. For the same hardware, they could even make it cheaper, since they wouldn't have to pay the MS tax for the OS. However, what would they get out of it? The only way to make it worth their time is to add their own Apple tax, but then the thing moves up to the price of a normal notebook. They would also severely undercut their other notebook models.

But if Apple does nothing, then more and more of that core market is going to migrate over to netbooks. These machines are getting more advanced with every iteration. If Apple doesn't come up with a good plan by Christmas this year, they're screwed. They'll just have to rename their company to iPod, because that's all they'll sell.

Ultimately, this is all an unintended consequence of Moore's Law. There was much discussion on this on Slashdot recently. Except for video games, there hasn't been a compelling reason to seek out greater processing power for about 5 years. Dual core is kinda helpful, but I'll be damned if I can figure out what to do with 4 or 8 cores. All the benchmarks are always people encoding video and compressing zip files. What the hell is the point of that? Now it looks like manufacturers realize that the immediate future lies in making things smaller instead of faster.

I've already retired my loud 500w desktop with the 8800gt for this 1000he. It powers my 28" LCD at 1920x1200 just fine. I miss some of my 3D games, but I'm just waiting for the Nvidia Ion-based netbooks to come out and I think I'll be happy with that for the foreseeable future. In the meantime, I think every notebook company will be shaking in their boots.

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