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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Canonical has announced the final release of Ubuntu 9.04; also announced were the releases of Ubuntu 9.04 Server Edition and Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook Remix, but of course also Kubuntu 9.04, and Xubuntu 9.04.
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RE: Netbook Remix
by Tom K on Fri 24th Apr 2009 17:36 UTC in reply to "Netbook Remix"
Tom K
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I just tried Ubuntu 9.04 on my 1000HE, and I'm not impressed. Seeing all these gobbledygook suggestions ("try this driver and this mod and this patch") just proves to me, once again -- Windows may not be perfect, but it sure as hell is a lot less trouble in the long run.

Why is it that XP, which apparently sucks so horribly according to the Linux crowd, can simply get 20-40% more battery life with just a few driver installs? Why is it that to get Linux anywhere near this, it requires a huge expenditure of time, and then XP is still better?

And people say Linux is ready for the desktop. It's in the details -- and those have always been lacking. A new Ubuntu theme isn't going to make the real problems go away.

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