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Apple During the conference call yesterday about Apple's financial results, COO Tim Cook reiterated Apple's negative stance towards the netbook market. While many of us might want to see a relatively cheap Apple netbook with Mac OS X, all the recent figures do seem to confirm that it simply isn't a good idea for Apple.
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RE[2]: Comment by flanque
by tonywob on Sun 26th Apr 2009 09:32 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by flanque"
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I and most other people I know spend most of our times on home computers inside a web-browser. I don't need a fast, powerful machine unless I'm playing games, or video editing, etc.. The popularity of cheap, affordable netbooks testify this.

I own a Macbook Pro, but I would rather use my netbook when I want to just sit on the sofa and read news, email, etc. To me, my netbook is still very much a personal computer. Plus, it doesn't burn my lap when it gets too hot.

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