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Microsoft Microsoft's Surface computer is a revolutionary table-top multitouch computer that can do all sorts of fancy tricks. It makes use of a projector and five cameras to track hand movements, as well as read "Surface tags", which are a sort of barcodes underneath objects. It's a software+hardware package, and for 17000 USD, you'd think it'd be a treat to unbox and install one. Well, no. Near-instant update: Microsoft has replied to the blog post, and as it turns out, the unit delivered to Miller for one of his clients was scheduled to be setup by Microsoft - a service that comes standard with the device. More details inside.
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RE[5]: Completely useless
by Hae-Yu on Mon 27th Apr 2009 16:08 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Completely useless"
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It's easier for people to be emotional about these things than reasonable.
$17k is pretty cheap. We paid $20k for each of our Barco flat screens. 17 of them. Just the screens.

You can tell someone hasn't worked in the real world when they think $17k is a lot of money for an IT expenditure. That's a lot for someone sitting at home on a $1k Dell using free or cracked software to develop cheap, buggy knock offs of someone else's program.

I have a fairly "Protestant view" of fiscal responsibility and believe every penny should be accounted for. But it's not my responsibility to judge how another company uses theirs.

If they make frivolous expenditures frequently, they'll pay sooner or later. If they view it as a future tech testbed, then that's pretty darn cheap as tech investments go. And a write off.

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