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Hardware, Embedded Systems The floppy disk was well intended, but its usefulness is now gone. Now, over 30 years later, the floppy disk needs to go for good.
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by DonQ on Wed 13th Jul 2005 15:38 UTC
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I remember big floppy disks (about 8"), well, they were old archives and I didn't use them.

I myself used 5" floppies extensively; we had PC class with about 10 HDD-less XT computers (IBM compatibles:) in school. One floppy for DOS, one for apps, some for games.

At some other time I often visited another PC class with 10 diskless MSX Yamaha computers. Master PC had 3" floppy drive - this was cool and something new...

Then it was 3" floppy era. How many floppies takes full W95 installation? Or some MSOffice? Don't remember exactly, but all my shelves and boxes were full of floppies...

Last time I (and all my family) used floppy disks about year ago. You know, this magnetic media inside floppy is actually pretty good filter to watch solar eclipse ;)

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