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Legal "It's possible to use Apple's iPods and iPhone with third-party software, and BluWiki's users wanted to make sure the world could find out how. Apple, however, was not fond of the situation and threatened BluWiki with legal action if the information was not removed. Now, BluWiki's operators are suing Apple in hopes of protecting the free speech of their users and getting a declaratory judgment that posting information does not violate the DMCA."
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Good grief...
by darknexus on Tue 28th Apr 2009 06:14 UTC
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It's stunts like this that have, recently, made me determined to get away from Apple products. I was an Apple fan for a long time, but I am seriously turned away by stunts like this. What's next, they're going to sue Canonical for providing instructions on how to install Ubuntu onto a Macbook? It sounds ridiculous, perhaps, but all it takes is one precedent and I've no doubt Apple would try it; They'd be Big Brother if they had the resources and the clout to back it up.

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