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Legal "It's possible to use Apple's iPods and iPhone with third-party software, and BluWiki's users wanted to make sure the world could find out how. Apple, however, was not fond of the situation and threatened BluWiki with legal action if the information was not removed. Now, BluWiki's operators are suing Apple in hopes of protecting the free speech of their users and getting a declaratory judgment that posting information does not violate the DMCA."
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Me too
by zetsurin on Tue 28th Apr 2009 18:12 UTC
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I guess I will add myself to the list of once happy Apple users who got so fed up with their pre-monopolistic practices (seriously, imagine if they had Microsoft's market share), that they dumped everything.

My list of gear around 1 year ago:

- 1st gen iPhone (upgraded from Treo 650).
- C2D Macbook
- iPod

My list of gear today:

- Treo 650 (yep, I went back, now waiting for an Android phone or maybe Pre depending on how it turns out).
- Non-Apple 11" high spec laptop (which Apple seem to forget people would want) running Ubuntu 9.04
- iPod on it's last legs (to be replaced by another company's product or my next smartphone will fill the role).

Got so tired of Apple's antics, that I dumped their stuff. It's funny though, but if you go by what people say on the Apple forums, there isn't such a thing as a reverse switcher. Well little do they know, that those people who haven't visited the forum for a while will likely never return.

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