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Editorial Last week, Apple again repeated its claim that the iPhone and iPod Touch are capable of filling the netbook niche. They also claimed that netbooks can barely be called personal computers. Both of these statements are complete and utter nonsense, but instead of writing down some high-level definition of what a netbook is, I decided to simply write down all the things I do with my netbook that the iPhone/iPod Touch cannot do to make the difference between the two that much more tangible.
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RE: Missed the point.
by Chicken Blood on Tue 28th Apr 2009 18:28 UTC in reply to "Missed the point."
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As usual, the ├╝ber geeks on this site get their knickers in a bunch about installing different OS's, connecting 101 different peripherals just 'because they can' and harping on about 'freedom'.

i.e. The stuff normal people never do as a rule. The quotes from Apple were regarding these users, not tech nerds.

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