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OSNews, Generic OSes The past week has actually seen a whole lot of interesting news items. We've seen financial figures from major software companies, Sun Microsystems was bought by Oracle, we found out about Windows XP Mode, Ubuntu 9.04 was released, and it was revealed that the judge in the Pirate Bay case was anything but impartial. This week's My Take is about Jericho, the short-lived TV series.
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should have been a mini-series
by RRepster on Tue 28th Apr 2009 20:13 UTC
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I no longer trust the "big three" to deliver on connected-episodal stories. Even Lost and Heroes has been on the chopping block brink a couple times.

Perhaps they need to go back to the mini-series method for shows like Surface, Jericho, etc... and I mean the REAL mini-series shows, not these wimpy 2-2hour shows they call a "mini-series" now. I'm talking where they stretch it out over seasons like Blue & The Grey, and others in the 80s were done. 2 or 3 2 hour episodes in the fall, followed by another 2 or 3 in the spring, etc...

Bbbbbbbut that would require for actors to *gasp* take a paycut and go back to being paid per episode again instead of the stupid guarenteed paychecks like the stars from Friends demanded. Those yuppies are single-handedly responsible for destroying television because now all the actors just want steady contract weekly income at exorbitant rates instead of per gig.

Until that happens I've given up on network tv because I'm sick of being left in suspense when they jerk the show just because it didn't bring in the same money as a Friends episode or worse: Biggest Loser/American Idol one.

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