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Legal "It's possible to use Apple's iPods and iPhone with third-party software, and BluWiki's users wanted to make sure the world could find out how. Apple, however, was not fond of the situation and threatened BluWiki with legal action if the information was not removed. Now, BluWiki's operators are suing Apple in hopes of protecting the free speech of their users and getting a declaratory judgment that posting information does not violate the DMCA."
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Linux had nothing to do with the topic at hand--I say had, since I'm sure it will now with your attempt to derail the conversation.
Rather than derail the conversation, give an honest answer about what you think of Apple's antics when it comes to lock-in and suing anyone who attempts to find a way around it, or uses their devices in a way they don't want you to. It comes back to the post-sale restriction idea, though Apple's lawyers are clever enough to invoke the DMCA to conveniently mask this fact. So, on topic... Do you actually agree with Apple's behavior? Answer honestly... if Apple will let you, that is. The real issue here isn't which system people are using, it's Apple's behavior and the precedent it is likely to set.

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