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FreeBSD The 5th beta of FreeBSD 6.0 has been released to mirrors. There is no official announcement yet, however. Pick a mirror near you.
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Those quite different choices, though I can't say FreeBSD is not great on a desktop - it is!

Maintainers - that is certainly one of the strong points of FreeBSD (although I guess this is true of Ubuntu as well). If you go with pkg_add -r (and forgo using ports), than you'll get _slightly_ outdated packages, though I think the package cluster builds packages once a month or so from recent ports. If you go with ports, is the place to look first. Yes, there are broken packages, but at least they are tagged as such, and periodically ports with unresponsive maintainers are purged. Also, broken often means that it won't work on one supported branch only out of the box. For instance, is marked as broken, but works for 5.x and 6.x. It is marked broken because if you run 4.x, you need to update rtld before you can build it.

Good luck, either way.

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