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Hardware, Embedded Systems Over at Wired Gadget Lab, they're taking a look back at several people who've gone to a bunch of trouble to hack up and deal with the pitfalls of netbooks running OSX. As the story's title states, it ain't pretty. In a nutshell, they found that even if you load a nice OS onto a cheap, tiny computer, you still have to deal with the inherent downsides of a cheap, tiny computer, and when you run an Apple OS on a non-Apple machine, you'll have some software problems. I read this article with great interest, because a few months ago I bought an MSI Wind (the same netbook that this guy used) with thoughts of putting OSX on it. But this article set me to thinking about netbooks, the mythical Apple netbook, and Apple's Newton legacy.
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Misleading title all the way...
by pruneau on Wed 29th Apr 2009 18:26 UTC
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Disclaimer: I own a netbook (acer aspire one), but I did not try to run OSX on it.
However, the article referred to is not about OSD: yeah the guy lost his wi-fi due to a faulty driver, but how could that be related to OSX only ???
His main complaint is about the hardware. Too bad for him: I'm subbing/biking/reading/whatevering with my aspire one in my back pack since I bought it 6 month ago, and no screw did ever loosen, even just a bit.
Now, when I have time to find the article referred two where two of his colleagues are complaining, there may be substance about real hackintosh problem.
This article is a waste of cyberspace.

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