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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "With [the Win95] release, Apple was tested - and they failed miserably. Not only did I warn Apple to take 95 more seriously, I also accurately forecast the massive decline that would happen to them if they didn't do just that. The MS platform has changed dramatically and it is much greater than just the operating system these days. Apple, on the other hand, hasn't advanced nearly as much but they are predominantly consumer-based today and less vulnerable to this comparative weakness as a result. Just like the last time, they will largely leverage hardware this time, and, as before, they will be up against companies with resources that eclipse their own."
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RE[2]: buahahaha !
by abraxas on Sun 25th Sep 2005 21:16 UTC in reply to "RE: buahahaha !"
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The real deal is that linux is dead for anything other than a fad.

Do you even know what the word "fad" means? Do you know anything about the history of Linux? Something that has been around for over ten years and has only grown in that time does not qualify as a fad.

China OS, in which China controls and spies on you
with their own OS. It's perfect! You could never type an email again without china knowing what you are doing.

What does that have to do with operating systems? Oh yeah, nothing.

That's why this free as in speech is f**ked up when it comes to countries having their own OS.

You obviously have no idea what you are talking about and cleary do not understand what freedom in software means.

The free as in beer is also a bunch of BS, as most people need to have huge training sessions before they can do just about anything interesting.

That's funny because I was never forced to pay for Linux and I never took training courses for it either. Now I run Linux desktops and Linux servers. I even backup fubared Windows drives with Linux because half the time Windows won't even recognize the drive in another machine.

Linux is way overrated.

Says you and you've proven your opinion means squat.

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