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OpenBSD The OpenBSD team has released OpenBSD 4.5. There have been lots of changes and bug fixes, but it's a rather daunting list that doesn't really lend itself towards a summary (hint), but I guess if you use OpenBSD you are perfectly capable of figuring this out yourself. You can get the new release from the download page.
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RE: Nice
by kaiwai on Fri 1st May 2009 01:34 UTC in reply to "Nice"
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Looks like some much needed features and drivers have been added, especially for netbooks. I wonder how well ACPI works now? I'm also very happy to see some WPA support in the Atheros driver... I just wish they hadn't been so pigheaded about WPA support in general for so long.

OpenBSD would have been something I would have loved to run on my Acer Aspire One but the lack of support for the AR5700EG chipset really puts a spanner in the works. I hope that they'll bring support for the said chipset.

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