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OpenBSD The OpenBSD team has released OpenBSD 4.5. There have been lots of changes and bug fixes, but it's a rather daunting list that doesn't really lend itself towards a summary (hint), but I guess if you use OpenBSD you are perfectly capable of figuring this out yourself. You can get the new release from the download page.
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RE: To many features.
by kaiwai on Fri 1st May 2009 01:37 UTC in reply to "To many features."
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So many new features you didn't make it to the front page *sigh*

There are many features towards desktop(more like laptop) use in this release and more are coming for the next one. Some things are still missing, but now you can even play FPSs(OpenArena) pretty well.
Of course it is not for your grandma, but if you are admining OpenBSD servers and routers, it only makes sense to have an OpenBSD desktop to test configurations and build custom packages for your machines if you need them.

I think 4.6 will attract a lot of new users.

Just out of curiosity - what is happening in OpenBSD 4.6 that could attract new users? I'm looking through the OpenBSD website right now and I don't see any plans or goals for the 4.6 release so I am unfortunately out of the loop on what will be appearing.

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