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Java The Java programming language is powerful, but it has significant limitations for lightweight development. For certain problems, other programming languages such as Ruby may lead to better productivity. This article shows you what's important for productivity in an application's language.
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RE: About Java
by DoctorPepper on Sun 25th Sep 2005 21:45 UTC in reply to "About Java"
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"Interestingly, except for the server frameworks, Java is pretty much dead in the open source client space"

You couldn't prove it by me! There are several open source Java client packages being used by tens of thousands of developers on a daily basis. Here are just a few of them: Eclipse, Netbeans, jEdit, ArgoUML. Need I say more?

"- where Mono, Ruby, and Python are pretty strong, along with the traditional non-managed languages like C and C++."

I agree with you on Ruby and Python, but I can't say I've seen very many open source Mono apps out there, especially what you might call "mainstream" ones. While Mono might arguably be technically better than Java, Mono is covered with the taint of Microsoft. I personally would not touch Mono for an open source project if it were the last programming language on earth. For this reason alone, I would use Java over Mono. Yes, Java is controlled by Sun, which could potentially turn around to bite me on the backside, but I know Microsoft is just waiting for enough Mono apps to get out there before dropping the hammer on the open source community.

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