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Apple While we generally don't really report on Apple rumours (for obvious reasons) I thought the one currently making its rounds across the countless copying/pasting Apple websites is pretty interesting discussion material. According to the ominpresent and omnipotent "people familiar with the matter", as told by AppleInsider, Apple is preparing to compete on... Price.
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Ferrari are owned by Fiat. Lamborghini by VW and Aston Martin by Ford. Making these cars isn't even profitable. They are built primarily as technology test beds. However a Ferrari isn't a cheap Fiat with a different body. A Mac is a generic PC in a different case - nothing more.

Er, no, actually. A Mac is a generic PC in a different case with a different operating system. It's the cost of developing the OS whilst maintaining compatibility with a rapidly changing ecosystem of hardware, software and peripherals that's the real issue.

And don't forget third party apps - without a large market footprint, there's no incentive to develop for OS X: a premium product with limited software compatibility isn't exactly premium. Anyone up for a bit of Mac gaming? Thought not...

That's why I smell trouble ahead for Macs. In the boom years, Apple basked in the glory of its media player products, raked in a few aspirationally hip converts to its PCs and converted this into mass market growth. It then moved up market and culled its low-end products - compare the price of the aluminium bodied Macs to the previous generation - but the recession is now cutting the legs from under its business model. That's why Apple is losing market share.

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