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Windows Along with the release of the Windows 7 release candidate came new system requirements for Microsoft's next operating system. This updated set of requirements has been declared final, making them the official system requirements for Windows 7 final. Seeing Microsoft's rather... Dubious past dealings with minimum system requirements, let's take a look at Windows 7's.
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Windows 7 is optimized version of Vista
by wawrzyn on Fri 1st May 2009 20:37 UTC
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Nothing more nothing less. We had to wait for Vista for a long time... We've been wondering about new features like Aero, WinFS (remember that?) and suddenly... Vista was a huge disappointment. I think, it was disappointment even for Microsoft. So, they have to do something. It would be silly to say - "Come on, this Vista was not a good idea. We promised a lot, we've given not too much, you had to wait for so long and received nothing special, now, let's repair Vista with a kind of SP, which will replace a huge part of it, almost the same way like before, during Windows XP and SP2 time". Oh, no. It's better to deliver something new again. Something that will help to cover this Vista thing.

Anyway. I'm using Slackware on my notebook at home. Just works. I'm happy with it for so many years.

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