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Linux Yes boys and girls, it's Net Applications time. Sure, their figures are flawed, and sure, they're misused all over the non-scientifically educated media, but that doesn't mean they do not indicate trends. One of those trends was a slowly rising popularity of Linux, which hit 0.93% market share in August 2008, only to sink back again during the following months. Well, it's April May 2009 now, and Linux has finally crossed the 1% market share line!
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The way :)
by drstorm on Sat 2nd May 2009 11:17 UTC
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IMHO, Linux needs to continue improving itself. They should keep an average user away form the console as far as possible. In many ways, they should look up to Microsoft for ideas, as MS has proven to understand the way an average user thinks.

The statistics is not the issue. Once Linux becomes better, the market share will reflect it.

Please don't tell me that Linux is good as it is. It is a good piece of software. No one denies that. However, it's obviously only 1% of the market good. People supporting Linux should really stop blaming Microsoft for everything and take a good look at themselves. (I believe there was an article about that here recently.)

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