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Privacy, Security, Encryption Can you make Windows XP so secure that the United States Air Force will use it in its systems? Well, apparently, you can, but you do have to talk to Microsoft. The USAF wanted a locked-down edition of Windows XP, and since they were in the midst of renegotiating the desktop-software contract with Microsoft, they decided to ask Steve Ballmer directly to create it for them. They did.
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by SK8T on Sun 3rd May 2009 09:36 UTC
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Don't know how what I should think about this.

There are two points that annoy me:
- XP is 10 years old, it's damn old technologie for the air force
- Microsoft says vista is more secure in every point. I think a locked-down vista would be more secure. You can't take windows 98 and say "it's locked down, it's more secure than XP" because there are technologies that are just missing in the older operating system.

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