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Windows With a flood of ARM-based netbooks coming to the market starting somewhere end of this year, many hope it will be another opportunity for Linux to get some mainstream exposure. Since "normal" Windows doesn't run on ARM, Linux is the only obvious choice. Right? Well, Warren East, president and CEO of ARM Holdings plc, has been dropping hints that Windows might make its way to ARM after all. At least, that's what EETimes is concluding.
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RE[2]: windows != windows
by bob_bipbip on Sun 3rd May 2009 09:45 UTC in reply to "RE: windows != windows"
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errrr, just no.
before the iphone era, when i showed people my phone, an htc blue angel, they always think "wow! this guy has the same computer (winxp) that i have i my desk, but portable!!!"

just because my phone was a pda with a big screen, a keyboard, and it cannot fit in a pocket (wich is wrong, i put this in my pocket ...), the internet was in, and most of it, windows was on it.
now, when people will see arm/winmo netbook, they will see: a big screen, a keyboard, it can't fit in a pocket and certainly not calling people (phone app), so it's a computer, like a winxp notebook ....

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