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Java The Java programming language is powerful, but it has significant limitations for lightweight development. For certain problems, other programming languages such as Ruby may lead to better productivity. This article shows you what's important for productivity in an application's language.
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Ruby and Java
by gbryal on Sun 25th Sep 2005 23:18 UTC
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I've written fairly complex web applications using both, and I very much enjoy Ruby's simple and expressive nature. On the other hand, it's not nearly as simple to deploy. If you go the Apache/mod_ruby route, you can run into problems if you have similarly-named classes in two deployed apps; the only way to isolate them is to have multiple apache instances and a reverse proxy. Webrick is nice, but it can't perform as well as Apache for static content, and fast cgi requires learning a different way of writing a web app, and isn't appropriate in all situations.

It's just a lot easier to make a .war file you can drop into a servlet container.

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