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Privacy, Security, Encryption Can you make Windows XP so secure that the United States Air Force will use it in its systems? Well, apparently, you can, but you do have to talk to Microsoft. The USAF wanted a locked-down edition of Windows XP, and since they were in the midst of renegotiating the desktop-software contract with Microsoft, they decided to ask Steve Ballmer directly to create it for them. They did.
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by bsharitt on Sun 3rd May 2009 13:59 UTC
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They're making it sound like more than it really is. This isn't some re-engineered version of XP. You can greatly increase the security of Windows my ensuring it's patched and changing some configuration options. Many large companies do this and make a more secure base image to install on all PCs. The Air Force had been doing that as well, the only difference was that before it was at the base, maybe MAJCOM level, and now it's merely a single image for the whole Air Force. Also, this isn't just an XP thing, it's been out for a while. The Air Force is now in the midst of rolling our SDC 2.0, which is Vista-based.

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