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FreeBSD Last week it was BSD week: OpenBSD 4.5, NetBSD 5.0, and DragonFlyBSD 2.2.1. FreeBSD 7.2 completes the picture, with every major BSD now having a new and fresh release waiting to be installed on your desktop, laptop, or server.
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RE[2]: Adobe Flash Player
by antik on Mon 4th May 2009 13:29 UTC in reply to "RE: Adobe Flash Player"
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When did Adobe ever promise that?
Even if they did, waiting for Adobe to deliver on their promises is like waiting for world peace--it's a nice hope, but very unlikely to ever happen.

We all remember when Flash was developed for Linux and all comments requested FreeBSD version of it was blatantly deleted. They just ignored *BSD or just didn't want to code for OpenSound- they wanted Flash for ALSA shit (I guess their coder was/is plain GNU/Linux fanboy).

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