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NetBSD The guys and girls behind the NetBSD project have released version 5.0 of their BSD operating system. NetBSD is a highly-portable operating system, the second open-source BSD implementation (after 386BSD). Naturally, version 5.0 comes packed with a whole boatload of improvements.
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Regarding stability in NetBSD...
by jdt2k5 on Tue 5th May 2009 00:42 UTC
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Despite being touted as the first open source OS to support AMD's x86_64 architecture it still took the NetBSD developers several years to get around to fixing a bug in the OS, (not the hardware), preventing the VIA IDE/SATA drive controller on many systems from working, keeping me from installing it on my x86_64 machine before having successfully installed Linux, FreeBSD, and OpenBSD on it.

I've ran both NetBSD 3.0 and Netbsd 4.0 on macppc and was very much dissapointed. Neither Alt+<num> or Ctrl+Alt+<num> switches between terminals. I've used the command wsconscfg to swith between virtual terminals only to experience random lockups as a result. Running X from a terminal has also resulted in seemingly random lockups. Not so much a stability issue but the terminal driver is very much primitive, any changes to the resolution or fonts are to be made by setting variables in the kernel config file and recompiling a new kernel. I've had issues with the driver for my network card, many errors occur (dropped packets and timeouts) and performance is very disappointing. I still have yet to try Netbsd 5.0 on macppc but am currently downloading the iso for it. Firefox 3 fails to compile on macppc yet compiles fine on ppc when running gentoo linux. There is no binary pkg of firefox 3 for macppc last time I checked. I hope the above mentioned problems are fixed.

With the i386 port the only problems I've had would be neither Alt+<num> or Ctrl+Alt+<num> allowing me to switch between terminals and random lockups when starting X. Other than that it's stable.

I've tried NetBSD on i386, x86_64, and macppc and have very much been disappointed with the lack of stability on all of the platforms. I've experienced random locksups on i386 as well. Too be fair the i386 port is still much more stable than either the x86_64 or the macppc ports but in my experience very much lacking compared to other operating systems.

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