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Hardware, Embedded Systems The Acer Aspire reviews were getting a little old, so instead of adding yet another anectode of the popular netbook, I thought I'd shake things up a little by giving my view of Asus' slightly more expensive (but worth the extra money) EeePC 1000 HE for the enjoyment of all.
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I was going to hold out for this.
by gfacer on Tue 5th May 2009 00:55 UTC
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The battery life was the biggest draw....but I could quite justify the price for something I might never use to it's fullest, no matter how great that was.

So, when a price drop on the AspireOne 8.9" came out at the same time I had a $30 coupon, I bit.....I was also looking towards the Aspire 11.2" model announced. Sometimes you can sit on the sidelines for a long time when it comes to tech.

I concur that the Ubuntu 9.04 is very impressive for someone that has dabbled in linux on laptops for some years. I will keep XP, but I doubt I will use it much.

Linux is ready for the desktop, maybe for those used to linux a little already, but I think every version here on in will only make it more accessable and commonplace.

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