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Windows A little earlier than expected, Microsoft has already released the Windows 7 release candidate to the general public. The Redmond company had already put the RC up for download on TechNet and MSDN, but from now on, everyone can download it. I've already updated all my Windows machines to the RC, so let's take a quick look at what I found. Note: The Windows XP Mode beta is also set to arrive today, but has not yet been made available. We'll update this item accordingly once it's released. Update: The Windows XP Mode beta is also available. Get it now!
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While it is possible to run a virtualized Windows environment under Linux or BSD, it's difficult to manage and not supported at all by Microsoft.

Running virtualized Windows in Linux is very, very easy with VMware. Also, I'd take VMware support over Microsoft support any day.

That said, use whatever works best for you. A VMware license isn't exactly cheap (although it's useful for a lot more than running one legacy app), and price is one of the main advantages of Linux.

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