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Hardware, Embedded Systems The Acer Aspire reviews were getting a little old, so instead of adding yet another anectode of the popular netbook, I thought I'd shake things up a little by giving my view of Asus' slightly more expensive (but worth the extra money) EeePC 1000 HE for the enjoyment of all.
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75$ laptop
by z80a on Tue 5th May 2009 13:53 UTC
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As a funny side-note, a boy I know came to me today, irreverently excited with his laptop that he bought for $75. It was built somewhere around 2003 or 2004, had Windows XP installed, had a 12-inch screen, was at least two inches thick, and took at least three minutes to start. I laughed at him when he said that it "starts pretty fast," and then again when he said that "the battery lasts about five hours." This boy is known infamously for his exaggerations.

That boy is simply not a consumer. I still have one laptop from 1995 and it runs W2K and MAME (doesn't have enough RAM for Linux). He found some value in 75$ notebook and he likes it, so please give him some respect for it.

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