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Windows A little earlier than expected, Microsoft has already released the Windows 7 release candidate to the general public. The Redmond company had already put the RC up for download on TechNet and MSDN, but from now on, everyone can download it. I've already updated all my Windows machines to the RC, so let's take a quick look at what I found. Note: The Windows XP Mode beta is also set to arrive today, but has not yet been made available. We'll update this item accordingly once it's released. Update: The Windows XP Mode beta is also available. Get it now!
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I wouldn't say that Linux on the desktop is not going to happen this year... I've run Debian (Lenny) and Ubuntu 9.04 and have had no problems at on the desktop. Granted a few years ago I would agree with you about it not being ready. The best part about Linux is free, runs much faster than Vista on my system (Q6600 @ 3.0ghz 4gb RAM NV295GTX), and if you are a developer... the shy is the limit for developing applications. Granted it does require that you tinker with your computer a bit more, but that is part of the learning process at least for me. I will admit wine + wow ='s a joke. Currently I have a dual boot setup with windows 2008 server (as a workstation) so I can play my games. I do appreciated wine for its attempts / successes and I know with time it will get better. Linux is not for everyone, however I do see the appeal.

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