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NetBSD The guys and girls behind the NetBSD project have released version 5.0 of their BSD operating system. NetBSD is a highly-portable operating system, the second open-source BSD implementation (after 386BSD). Naturally, version 5.0 comes packed with a whole boatload of improvements.
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Please tell me why?
by wawrzyn on Tue 5th May 2009 19:51 UTC
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Why should I give NetBSD another try? I was using FreeBSD but due to some requirements from my work I had to change to GNU/Linux. Because of my personal preferences I switched to Slackware Linux (in my opinion is some aspects it's similar to BSD, at least as much as Linux can be similar to BSD, but definitely more than Gentoo Linux). I'm using OpenBSD on some routers and MySQL server - I'm very satisfied with that system (clean, simple, well documented, everything has to be done by hand, 100% control). But...

... Why each time I try with NetBSD I'm not impressed or at least I can't find suitable place for this BSD flavour? Maybe I don't understand something in its philosophy. Please tell me, how should I consider NetBSD and why should I give it a try another time. Please don't tell me it's multiplatform, I'm using x86 mainly, so I don't care. Maybe, the latest NetBSD version is in fact soooo efficient that I should replace my OpenBSD based MySQL server with NetBSD?

Any help appreciated.


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