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Apple Normally, this isn't something you'd find on the front page of OSNews, but the amount of craftsmanship and attention to detail going into this project is just mind blowing. In fact, it's so mind blowing that many Apple rumour websites posted this as a possible shot of an upcoming Apple netbook. Well, yeah, if Apple started making laptops out of wood...
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Natural materials for computers
by torbenm on Wed 6th May 2009 09:19 UTC
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Asus has made laptop casings (partially) of bamboo and leather, and I recall seeing a home computer in the 8-bit era that sported wooden side panels (the case was a bent metal sheet with wooden side panels and all connectors in the back). Of course, a lot of homebrew laptop/computer cases sport wood and other natural materials.

Next is a real clamshell laptop. :-)

But a laptop case entirely of wood would be too fragile and won't conduct heat well enough. I suppose thin plywood would be O.K. for the screen backing and around the keyboard (as these parts don't get too hot). Wooden keys would be rather stylish, I think -- especially if the symbols on the keys are made of inlaid wood.

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