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Oracle and SUN "Oracle's acquisition of Sun raised a lot of questions about the future of Sun's core technologies. Oracle says that it is committed to Solaris and Java, but some open source advocates are concerned about the implications for and MySQL. Ars looks at how Oracle and members of the open source software community have responded to the acquisition."
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RE[3]: Comment by kaiwai
by chekr on Wed 6th May 2009 14:01 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by kaiwai"
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I agree about the alfresco point...i think its another case of NIH :-( would have been great to see such things occur.

I'm just going to remain positive. What has been lacking at Sun (warning: armchair CEO) is leadership and product vision. Sun have many fantastic products but they just don't sell as a vision. I think Oracle gets this point and I hope they can bring some of their better qualities to the Sun product line without destroying the innovative culture and goodwill of the employees.

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