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OSNews, Generic OSes Tony Tebby, the author of the Sinclair QL's operating system QDOS, added a long semi-autobiographical essay to the Wikipedia page on QDOS' successor SMSQ/E. However, a Wikipedia moderator deleted it - sad, but fair, since it was not directly relevant to an encyclopaedia entry. Someone has extracted the story and placed it on a Geocities page, unformatted. But as Geocities is closing down, soon that too will disappear - so read it while it's still up! The original, deleted history remains visible in Wikipedia's history, here.
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Thanks for the info!
by poliorcetes on Wed 6th May 2009 19:45 UTC
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The essay was so insightful and important for computers' history that I plain rejected its path to geocities' oblivion.

I have created a wikisource page containing it. I guess that is a secure "home" for it.

I hope that librarians of wikisource won't get angry (because I didn't have time to learn all their procedures) and just deleted the page.

Here it is:

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