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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless With the success of the Kindle I and Kindle II still fresh in its memory, Amazon decided to take its line of e-ink digital ebook readers to the next level with the newly announced Kindle DX. The Kindle DX is basically a supersized Kindle II, but it comes with a number of interesting improvements.
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Page layout
by tdemj on Wed 6th May 2009 20:57 UTC
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The main reason I never considered buying a reader like Kindle is because it tends to mess up the page layout. It never looks like the original book, and lines get wrapped in an unpredictable way. Obviously Kindle I and II have a smaller screen than my books, and the result is very disappointing. Here's a screen shot from Amazon:

Note how lines get wrapped, it's worse than an ASCII file. I'd be extremely annoyed to read such unformatted garbage.

This probably doesn't matter for normal people reading stuff like novels, but it's a no-go for the technical book audience. One would hope that this gets fixed in Kindle DX, but I'd have to see it to believe it.

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