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Hardware, Embedded Systems This morning, the Itanium Solutions Alliance put out a statement with some vague numbers showing the strength of the Itanium server platform in 2008. By IDC's reckoning of the server space in the fourth quarter, shipments of Itanium-based machines rose by 18 per cent and it was the seventh straight quarter of sales that crested above $1bn for the Itanium server category. Data from Gartner's report covering 2008's server sales indicated that Itanium machines outgrew RISC-based alternatives in terms of sales and shipments, growing share in each category.
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RE[3]: Itanium is still around?
by Hypnos on Thu 7th May 2009 03:04 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Itanium is still around?"
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According to the Wikipedia page on endianness, Alpha only runs in big-endian mode on Crays. However, I was not aware at all that Alpha had this capability -- thanks for the knowledge.

As for Itanium, I guess clean != effective ;) Also, apparently it can do bi-endian as well ...

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