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Internet & Networking When Google released the first version of its Chrome web browser, many eyebrows were raised over the fact that it updated itself automatically and silently, in the background, without user intervention or even so much as a notice. As it turns out, this has been a brilliant move by Google, as Chrome users are the most likely to have up-to-date installations of their browser, followed at a respectable distance by Firefox users. Safari and Opera trail behind significantly.
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I would suggest letting your Hardcore Anti-Microsoft Mentality go, I wasn't talking about microsoft in any way, shape, or form, I was talking about their largest and most successful competitor.

It doesn't have to do with the bandwidth, it has to do with having to wait to use my browser. Its the difference with it happening transparently, and making you wait a minute and a half and click through a bunch of dialogs (if you are on broadband).

LOL I have never been anti anything, hell I've love Vista, and the netbook users using a 9 year old OS. I'm loving even more the start of the reports of Windows 7 being *Marginally faster* than Vista.

But in a serious response to your post. Do you smoke crack. To install and use any Microsoft OS you have to agree to give up serious rights to a major legal document, have to type in a 24code verification, and will have to make a phone call. You have to agree constantly to a whole host of click through dialogs...just to run a program, a much critisied feature. Thats ignoring all the firewall/Virus etc update checks to keep Windows clean or all the Adobe/Flash etc updates....and well all the OEM updates from Dell/HP all the other Applications from drivers to games. Seriously if Firefox annoys you its the Microsoft Way. Linux by comparison has a one click stop to update *EVERYTHING* and includes controls to how manual or automatic you want it.

You are funny ;)

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