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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless With the success of the Kindle I and Kindle II still fresh in its memory, Amazon decided to take its line of e-ink digital ebook readers to the next level with the newly announced Kindle DX. The Kindle DX is basically a supersized Kindle II, but it comes with a number of interesting improvements.
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RE[2]: The DRM issue
by sarahannalien on Thu 7th May 2009 18:01 UTC in reply to "RE: The DRM issue"
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1) You can only buy kindlebooks from your Amazon account. No other retailer sells them.



You *CAN* buy books for the Kindle from places other than Amazon. Just not DRM locked books! And, of course, you can't buy them from the Kindle store; but you can order them from another online store and have them delivered to your Kindle via the wireless network for the standard $0.10 charge, or you can download them and copy them over via usb for free.

Both sell perfectly fine eBooks that work with the Kindle.

From Webscriptions, everything works, I think. I've only bought there once, but it was 10 books for $20. They came as a .zip file full of .mobi files. I copied them over with a usb cable. Webscriptions also has a selection of free books.

From Fictionwise, you can only buy their "multi-format" titles, which are not DRM locked. Once you buy it, Fictionwise lets you re-download any of your purchased titles in any available format, anytime.

Both stores, if I recall, have a button that says "click here to send to your Kindle". You have to pre-register their sender address with your Kindle account (spam prevention).

There are probably others too; those are the only two I've tried.

In a way, Amazon-only DRM might be a feature, not a bug. Other people who want to sell to Kindle owners can simply sell unlocked .mobi or .pdf files, thus (hopefully) encouraging vendors to stay away from DRM!

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