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General Unix The end of the world is near. At last that of the Unix world. That's the prediction of Donald Feinberg, vice-president of Gartner. "Linux is coming, Unix is dead." But there's no need to panic. Not just yet. The end is not going to come overnight or even in next week or year, but it is certain, or as he puts it, "an absolute".
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RE: MacUser
by the_trapper on Mon 26th Sep 2005 04:31 UTC in reply to "MacUser"
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I probably shouldn't reply to you because you smell disturbingly like a troll, but they meant "real" big-iron traditional UNIX.

HP-UX, AIX, Irix, SCO, Tru64 and Solaris. Of these, Tru64 is unfortunately pretty much already dead. SCO, well we all know where their software is going. Irix, AIX, and HP-UX have pretty much already been put into an almost deprecated status by their respective vendors in favor of Linux. Solaris will probably co-exist for a long time, especially if their OpenSolaris initiative takes off. I'll admit, if I had a computer capable of running it, I'd seriously think about switching away from Linux. Solaris running on commodity hardware is a geek's wet dream. (It's real UNIX open sourced!)

The BSDs (which Apple's Darwin and Mac OS X are derived from) are for all intents and purposes their own special branch of the *nix family tree. Think of them as extremely close cousins of UNIX, but not really having any UNIX "blood" in them anymore. They are very much along the same vein as Linux, UNIX work-alikes that share absolutely no source code with their System V-derived cousins. (Well, technically some of them have ripped drivers and networking code and the csh out of them, but there is no UNIX code in the BSDs.)

So, despite what Apple wants to tell you, Mac OS X is not really a UNIX. Neither is Free/Net/Open/DragonFlyBSD or Linux.

Ultimately, the UNIX space will be partitioned among the open source *nixes and Windows Server, with most of the pie going to Linux. UNIX will live on in a niche role, much like OS/2, Multics, and VMS before it.

This is a pretty uninteresting article all and all. Kind of a "Thank you Captain Obvious" thing.

I also predict that OS/2 and VMS use will continue to decline as well. Big whoop.

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