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Internet & Networking When Google released the first version of its Chrome web browser, many eyebrows were raised over the fact that it updated itself automatically and silently, in the background, without user intervention or even so much as a notice. As it turns out, this has been a brilliant move by Google, as Chrome users are the most likely to have up-to-date installations of their browser, followed at a respectable distance by Firefox users. Safari and Opera trail behind significantly.
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RE: Chrome, one to rule them all.
by cyclops on Thu 7th May 2009 18:20 UTC in reply to "Chrome, one to rule them all."
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I recently switched from Firefox to Chrome. And I must say, I don't regret even one bit (rare case for me when switching softwares). It has some cool functionalities like Anonymous Browsing, menuless interface, each tab on a separate process. If one tab goes down and crash, the others remain intact - and the browser does not crash or close with all tabs.

I switched, and encourage you to do so. Chrome is a clever browser, and it's getting better and better. Webkit is superior than Gecko.

Anyone remember Netscape 6? Firefox was the very code from it. It was slow and crawling. I believe it is still that way, it just got faster because computers got faster. Ok, I will give Firefox some credit: they're the pioneers for leading a war with IE. Opera also has been presenting the world the coolest features.

But I think Chrome was smarter and grabbed the best of each browser out there.

/me expecting Chromium as the next Ubuntu thing, getting to be the main system browser. (Yes, bye Firefox).

Ignoring some of the more anti-firefox points. I think that a chrome has some excellent features...and I personally would love the bastard child of a firefox/chrome coupling.

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