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.NET (dotGNU too) "Microsoft is turning the source code for its embedded .Net Micro Framework over to the community and slowly withdrawing from that business, company officials are confirming. On the rumored list of teams most heavily impacted by second wave of Microsoft layoffs announced on May 5 was the .Net Micro Framework team - as well as the related MSN Direct unit. Indeed, both groups were affected, a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed on May 6."
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Not quite...
by Ravyne on Thu 7th May 2009 18:33 UTC
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Windows CE and Mobile devices support the .Net Compact Framework, not the [/i]Micro[/i] Framework.

The Compact framework is a light version of the Desktop .Net Framework, while the Micro Framework is essentially a small embedded OS that happens to run apps compiled to a very limited subset of .NET MSIL code (it doesn't even support multi-dimensional arrays!), its been used in fancy multi-media remotes, networked sensors and other places that even the most spartan WinCE configuration is overkill.

Nice of them to turn it over, rather than simply discontinuing it.

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