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Windows Windows XP Mode, the virtualisation tool currently in beta for Windows 7, only works on processors with virtualisation extensions, known as AMD-V and Intel VT-x. Microsoft made this clear from the get-go, but still various news websites regurgitated it as "news" yesterday that some Intel processors do not support XPM. Twenty-four hours down the road, and Intel had a few things to say about this.
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On this chart you can find out which processor number support which features. The link like "Intel Core (TM) processor Family" is a menu where you can select various core family porocessors. Similarly you can select pentium family processors to see the details.

I got bitten by this once as I both a VT capable processor but that only was 32-bit. And then once I was about to buy a high number quad core processor but the high number one did not support VT where as lower number one did.

Yes I agree, this level of feature differentiation is confusing and totally unnecessary IMHO.

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