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KDE It slipped by us, but the KDE team has released another minor bugfix release of KDE 4.2, version 4.2.3, a few days ago. Being a bugfix release, there are few user-visible changes, but still, there are a few things that stand out. "Online IMAP filtering in KMail has been fixed, KMail's system tray icon now reacts to changes to folder properties and updates the number of emails shown there automatically, and bugfixes, performance improvements and optimization in KHTML - painting and interoperability with web standards has been further improved."
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But is it any better than 3.5.10?
by rom508 on Fri 8th May 2009 12:29 UTC
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It's funny, every time a new version of kde-4.x comes out, people say, hey great news, you just wait until the next version. Then the next version comes out, and it's again, wait till the next version comes out, then it's going to be REALLY good. It's getting a bit tiresome hearing these prophecies. I don't know what everyone is getting excited about, I've tried kde-4.2 and it was awful, in terms of looks and performance.

My main complaint about kde-4 is that it's too big and slow to be usable on slow hardware. I run Sun Ultra 10, which has 440Mhz CPU and 1GB or RAM. I use it as my main desktop machine and it's sufficient for most of my needs. So,kde-3.5.10 runs just fine on this machine, I tried kde-4 and this is what I got:

1. QT4 wouldn't build on sparc64, QT4 executable kept crashing during the build with 'Bus error' which indicates 64-bit bugs in their code. I submitted bug report to Trolltech with a back trace, and was told that basically they could not be bothered to look into it, because sparc64 is not one of their supported platform.

2. So I compiled everything 32-bit on the same platform. Managed to get kde-4 up and running and it wasn't pretty. I mean it was so hideously slow, it was painfull to look at. Then I tried running Konqueror, which crashed right away with 'Bus error', so another 64-bit bug in C++ code. I went to kde mailing lists, telling developers about the problem and submitting back traces where Konqueror was crashing. Waited for weeks and nobody was interested in replying to me or sending me a patch for testing.

3. Finally I tought, I'll give it a go on i386. Got it up and running on dual 1GHz Pentium 3 machine. No crashes thankfully, but it was still hideously slow. I mean seriously, what idiots design such bloatware. I don't have a freaking mainframe sitting in my garage to run that crap.

I don't know about you guys, but I won't be coming back to kde-4. I'd rather learn X11 and write small and fast desktop environment from scratch.

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